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2017 NFL Playoff Predictions - Super Bowl LII Predictions


2017 NFL Playoff Predictions: Who Wins Super Bowl LII?

Who takes Super Bowl LII?

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2017 NFL Playoff Predictions: Championship Sunday

Pittsburgh at New England. Mayhap there will be a chip on the shoulder of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who very well could (and should, if we’re being honest) have beaten the Pats earlier this year. Picking against the Patriots at Foxboro is very risky, but go big or go home. The Steelers are probably the only team in the AFC that can go in there on championship Sunday and get it done. Pittsburgh advances.

Let me make no mistake, however: if the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl, they will win it.

New Orleans at Minnesota. If defense wins championships, then Minnesota and theirs will get a chance to play for one. By now, the Vikings will be tantalized by the possibility of playing a home Super Bowl. In a low-scoring game, they do it. Minnesota advances.

2017 NFL Playoff Predictions: Super Bowl LII

Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota. This one certainly has the possibility to be a low-scoring game. Two of the NFL’s top defenses meet in this theoretical Super Bowl LII. Minnesota has as good a chance as any at shutting down Pittsburgh’s run game, which has been ranked below average this season. This will force Ben Roethlisberger to throw into the arms of the second-best pass defense in the NFL. The Vikings do something they’ve never done before: win a Super Bowl. Minnesota wins.

2017 NFL Playoff Predictions: The Bracket

2017 NFL Playoffs Predictions Super Bowl LII Predictions

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