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2017 MLB Playoff Predictions: The Video

Only one can emerge, and we’ll let you know who we think that is.

These are the official Bracket Yard 2017 MLB playoff predictions. Who will win the 2017 World Series?

For the first time in the illustrious history of this media source, we are supplementing this with a video. We have a YouTube channel, and it’s time we began using it. To see the bracket as it stands at the beginning of the playoffs, we have our trusty article on hand.

2017 MLB Playoff Predictions: Wild Card Round

The 2017 postseason begins with the New York Yankees against the Minnesota Twins, followed by the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies. Things line up favorably for the Yankees, while the D-Backs and Rockies could be a closer call.

2017 MLB Playoff Predictions: Division Series

Assuming the home teams advance from their wild card games, which is never a given, both will be thrust into difficult early series. The American League’s winner draws the Cleveland Indians, while the National League entry gets the league-leading Los Angeles Dodgers. Some of the sports punditry see those teams as the World Series of fate this season. Maybe we agree, maybe we don’t.

2017 MLB Playoff Predictions: Beyond the LDS

If the Dodgers or Indians aren’t still in it by now, someone is going home very, very disappointed. Neither squad wants it to be them. Yet, you have a Houston Astros team that also won 100 games and is assuredly not chopped liver. The Nationals ran away and hid from their division months ago. One can also make the case that the Cubs or even Red Sox are among the deserving teams. Nothing is handed to you in the postseason.

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