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Star Trek Discovery Episode Reviews and Rankings


Star Trek Discovery Episode Reviews and Rankings

We have things to say about the newest Star Trek edition.

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A new sci-fi series is upon us, with a familiar name. Our Star Trek Discovery episode reviews and rankings tear apart the show and put it back together.

Why? Why not, we ask? Fans waited a long time for this franchise’s return, and there’s much to discuss. This page will be updated as long as Discovery remains on the air. The most recent episode appears chronologically at the top, while the rankings are on the final page, so feel free to make it all the way to the end.

Finally, if you don’t like spoilers, you are not going to like these reviews. We aren’t doing episode recaps, however: just reviews.

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Star Trek Discovery Episode Reviews: Episode 15: “Will You Take My Hand?”

Alternate Episode Title: “Hey Look, The Enterprise!”

The gerat war between the Federation and Klingons is over, as you would have expected with it being a serialized show and the season finale of said program. Those inhabitants of Qo’noS are still ugly and need long, flowing hair. I like my Klingons looking like Worf, thank you.

This season finale, while it kept my interest throughout, was not what I was expecting. After a long and bloody war, and a plan to blow up Qo’noS, they give L’Rell the bomb, Evil Georgiou walks away, and the Klingons call the whole thing off without firing another shot. Georgiou got to have a very green, bisexual ménage à trois with a couple of Orions and escaped Scot-free. Must be nice; you KNOW we’re seeing her again. For all we know, she’s going to dig up the real Lorca.

Obviously they ended the war the “Starfleet” way. Diplomacy, not bombs. A lot of diplomacy got crammed into a very short span, however. They talked the big mean Klingon lady into talking the rest of the Klingons out of the war, and that was it. I was hoping there might be something else, but no.

How the war ended was far too rushed, but they have a habit of setting up the ends of episodes to either draw you in or make you feel good (it’s called “writing”). This was the latter, with Burnham being reinstated to her full rank. Disappointment: Saru is evidently not captain, nor is Burnham. Elation: Clint Howard made a cameo, and the BEAUTIFUL FREAKING ENTERPRISE shows up with the campy 60s theme song. Now they’re going to leave us with a year-long cliffhanger. Get your asses up to Canada and shoot that second season, stat. Further disappointment: Where the hell was Balok at the end of the credits? For shame; Clint Howard was there.

Oh, and confirmed: Klingon men have two members. Sorry, Ash/Voq. How do you think THAT conversation went with L’Rell when she was doing the butchery? No wonder Jadzia Dax loved hanging out with Klingon men so much.

On to Season 2.

Star Trek Discovery Episode Reviews: Episode 14: “The War Without, The War Within”

Alternate Episode Title: “3:10 to Qo’noS”

If you were looking for boom-boom, shoot-em-up action in the second to last episode of Season 1, we’re sorry to disappoint you. What Discovery did was set up the season finale, which WILL be full of boom-boom, shoot-em-up action.

The show addresses two things in this installment: the aftermath of Discovery’s disappearance, and interpersonal relationships. Tyler dealing with Stamets, Tyler dealing with Burnham, Burnham dealing with Georgiou, and so on. The Klingons taking the lead in the war and pulling closer to Earth. Desperate times calling for desperate measures. So many loose ends that are about to be tied up, or at least, we think.

Just because it did not have the amount of action of the previous week does not mean they aren’t setting up something special next week. In the finale, Qo’noS could get blown up real good. (But it won’t because, you know, it’s on The Next Generation.) Are they going to jump back in time and hit the reset button on everything, which would be a very Trek thing to do?

Are they setting up Michael Burnham for her return to the good graces of Starfleet? If so, what form does it take? These are two of the many questions coming to the forefront as the finale approaches.

And THAT ENDING. We embrace spoilers here, but I can’t tell you about it because my jaw is still on the floor. I’m not even sure the Star Trek nerds saw this one coming.

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