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Art Briles Will Never Get Another Coaching Job

The CFL felt the heat.

Former Baylor head football coach Art Briles had another job in his chosen sport this week. Until he didn’t.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League wanted Briles to be their assistant head coach. This, of course, was until hell was raised, and it didn’t take long.

What the incident with the Hamilton Ticats proved conclusively is that Art Briles is persona non grata in football. In any official capacity, anyway.

Art Briles: The Baylor Downfall

At one point, Art Briles was considered among the best college football coaches in the Big 12. He had his Bears performing at a high level, contending for conference and even national championships. It was not until 2015 and 2016 that his star crashed down to earth.

Several players under Briles’ watch, such Tevin Elliot and Sam Ukwuachu, were involved in sexual assaults. In the cases of Elliot and Ukwuachu, they were not alleged. Both were convicted of a crime, though Ukwuachu appealed. Shawn Oakman is still going through the legal process. The allegations extend far beyond those three names.

All of this fell back onto the man in charge of the program. Indeed, the whole upper hierarchy of Baylor University took heat for the crimes committed at their school. Briles and others took inadequate action upon learning of these incidents, it was determined in a report, and eventually, he lost his job. So did Ken Starr, of Monica Lewinsky fame, who was the university’s president at the time.

Art Briles: Enter The Ticats

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, in the middle of their 2017 CFL season, announced yesterday a shakeup to their coaching staff. It would involve making Briles their assistant head coach for offense. After all, his former associate June Jones coaches Hamilton, and he tried to bring Briles into the fold.

Social media exploded on the news, and one of their sponsors, Barry’s Jewellers, smacked the Ticats hard. By the end of the day, after a “tsunami of negativity,” Art Briles was off the agenda for Hamilton.

Art Briles: The Aftermath

Let’s face it: those on the victim end of those assaults are more sympathetic characters than Briles.

If he had this much difficulty getting a job in Canadian football, no team will risk the blowback of hiring him. At the collegiate level, there is as good a chance of him getting a job as you having a snowball fight in Puerto Rico. On the professional level, teams like the Ticats, as well as any NFL or other franchise, worries about sponsors. We saw how one sponsor reacted, and they will not be alone.

Art Briles is now the football equivalent of a spent radioactive rod. Those get buried. Likewise, the coaching career of Briles will never see the light of day again. There are just some things you don’t come back from, when those things are more than simple mistakes. What happened at Baylor under his reign was criminally despicable, and it will follow him forever. This is why you may never see him as anything more than “absolutely not a consultant.”

Coming soon: Updates on The Bracket Yard’s latest bowl projections and the College Football Playoff picture.

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