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Hells Kitchen All Stars Season


Hells Kitchen All Stars Season: How We’d Have Done It

Who would we have cast?

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Gordon Ramsay fans were likely thrilled to find out that the Hells Kitchen All Stars season is happening.

Not only is it coming, it starts next month. Hell’s Kitchen 17 will be an All-Stars year, with 16 returning chefs re-entering Gordon Ramsay’s playpen. The cast was already announced, and fans of the show will recognize most names.

It’s not a bad assembly, as they picked a lot of high finishers, going back as far as Season 5. If we had the chance to put together our own pack, however, we’d have done things a little differently.

It’s television, and people on reality shows have lives outside of it. The producers might not have been able to get all the returning chefs they wanted. However, we do not have those limitations on the internet. If The Bracket Yard cast this Hells Kitchen All Stars season, who would we have picked?

This exercise assumes that the chefs we selected have no encumbrances which would prevent them from participating. Aside from assuming they WANTED to be on the show, past winners are also excluded. What fan of the show wouldn’t want to see great winners like Rock, Dave, and Christina Wilson again, but they had their day.

Hells Kitchen All Stars Season: Men

Will Lustberg, HK 9 (runner-up). This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t care: Will should have won Season 9. Paul wasn’t an undeserving winner, and had a human interest storyline, but Will was the strongest competitor all season. In fact, he was never nominated for elimination.

Justin Antiorio (HK 10, runner-up). Christina deserved to win Hell’s Kitchen Season 10, but Justin deserved to be in the finale. Justin was consistent, competitive, and strong in the kitchen. He did slip up once or twice on the show, but not much.

Josh Trovato (HK 14, 6th). Chef Josh lost some steam towards the end, but got into the black jackets. He did rebound, but unfortunately, his rebound wasn’t enough to advance. Josh is a personality pick for our season, being a likeable competitor.

Van Hurd (HK 6, 6th). Van, who is on the real All Stars this year, was a good chef in a very good season. He is one of those guys that no Hell’s Kitchen fan can forget, with his huge personality. As it turned out, Van could cook, too, which is why he got a black jacket.

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