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5 Most Intriguing 2017 College Football Opening Games

Fall is coming.

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If we’re talking about the 5 most intriguing 2017 college football opening games, the season can’t be far away.

The season openers are only about a month in the future, and with college football camps coming back, now it’s fair to talk about predictions, teams, and odds. Today, we don’t look at who’s going to win which conference (that’s later), but several interesting games of note to kick off the season.

It’s a miracle we’ve gone this long without college football (or football at all), but the wait is nearly over. Sadly, there won’t be any more Uncle Verne weaving verbal tapestries for us, but the play on the field remains the same.

Last year’s opening weekend was the best in recent memory. Top teams met top teams in battle, and national title dreams were destroyed before they began. Oklahoma and USC both got very close to the College Football Playoff; imagine how different 2016 would have been had they beaten Houston and Alabama, respectively.

For the purposes of this exercise, we consider both the August 26 and September 2 weekend games as “openers.”

2017 College Football Opening Games: Temple vs. Notre Dame, #5

Temple just lost their coach, and that’s what’ll happen at such a school when a better job opens. Matt Rhule is gone, but the Owls hope they still have a little something to prove. Speaking of teams with something to prove, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish say hello. This is a huge season for Brian Kelly, and you know there will be zero tolerance for another crappy year. It would be in his best interest to squash Temple, and they will be heavily favored to do so.

But what if they don’t? That’s the beauty of college football. A Notre Dame loss, unlikely though it is, would be a red alert/full blown panic starter in South Bend.

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