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Clayton Kershaw Injured: Panic Time For Dodger Blue?

That’s a lot of wins leaving the rotation.

The Los Angeles Dodgers miss Clayton Kershaw, and he’s barely gone.

Their star pitcher was injured in Sunday’s game, and the disabled list is forthcoming.

What Happened To Clayton Kershaw?

In the second inning of the Dodgers’ Sunday contest against the Atlanta Braves, Kershaw was paid a visit by his team trainer. He left the game shortly thereafter, and today, his back injury was announced. It is believed that Kershaw could miss four to six weeks, sidelining him potentially until September.

Now What The Hell Will The Dodgers Do Without Clayton Kershaw?

There’s no doubt that if the Dodgers intend to make a deep October run — and who doesn’t — they need Kershaw. He will be back by then, at least, so they say. If he’s back and doing his thing the way he does it, Los Angeles will be fine. Should he miss any significant time, say, in the playoffs, things get a little more dicey for the Dodgers. And by that I mean they’re totally screwed, 100-something wins or not.

He is their pitching staff ace and the best player on the team. The Dodgers could be a playoff team without him, but he’s one of baseball’s best players as well. You can’t take that out of the mix and not suffer some sort of hardship. For example, if you’re in an NLDS Game 5 and you don’t have him to go out there, your chances of making the NLCS are greatly reduced. Kershaw has lost games like that before, but winning is a lot more likely.

The Clayton Kershaw Impact

2017 Dodgers Clayton Kershaw

Los Angeles has a damn good baseball team playing in Chavez Ravine. In games in which Clayton Kershaw did not pitch, they still own a winning record. Not as good of one, but very good overall. For someone who only plays one of every five games, he has a sincere impact on the course this team takes.

Most teams would kill for a .628 win percentage. The thing is, the Dodgers have won over 90 percent of games in which he’s pitched. It’s as close to an automatic win as you get in baseball.

The bottom line is that the Dodgers need Clayton Kershaw’s arm for the postseason, more imperatively in a short series. Since he’s expected to be around by Labor Day, that shouldn’t be a big problem. Yet, Dodgers fans might wonder today what happens if he’s not back by then. That’s a scary proposition for a team that has designs on the World Series.

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