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The Three Most Disappointing MLB Teams of 2017

They’re way, way off.

Which are the three most disappointing MLB teams so far this 2017 season?

It’s easy to figure out which ones are having great surprise years. The Brewers, Twins, and Rays are among those exceeding expectations and cruising to bigger and better things (in some cases). Yet, what teams have taken a bath this year?

There are several prime candidates, each more despicable than the last. These are the teams that were expected to do decent things this season, but instead soiled themselves magnificently. For purposes of comparison, we take the USA Today preseason projections and match them to reality.

Three Most Disappointing MLB Teams: #3

Team Proj Record Current Pace
New York Mets 89-73 41-49 74-88

The Mets pitching staff is laying a big, fat egg in 2017. Noah Syndergaard got hurt, Matt Harvey got hurt, too, but wasn’t pitching well, and others like Zach Wheeler and Steven Matz are all over the place. As for the bullpen, it has one of the worst staff ERAs in baseball.

Yoenis Cespedes has also dealt with injury while the Grandy Man is hitting in the low .200s. At least Jay Bruce has bonked 24 homers, but it ain’t enough. They would finish 15 games worse than their projection on this pace.

Three Most Disappointing MLB Teams: #2

Team Proj Record Current Pace
Chicago Cubs 99-63 47-45 83-79

Okay, fine, they won the World Series last year for the first time since the Cretaceous Period. Still, some thought the 2017 Cubs could in some respects be better than last year. That would be hard, but it didn’t appear they lost much firepower.

The 2017 Cubs can make the playoffs, but they’re not convincing anyone. This is an average team that’s had hiccups with starting pitching and inconsistency in the lineup. As of now, they’re on pace to go 83-79, which would be 16 games off of their projection. Even worse, that’s a 20-win drop from last season.

Three Most Disappointing MLB Teams: #1

Team Proj Record Current Pace
San Francisco Giants 89-73 35-59 60-102

How can it be anyone other than San Francisco in the number one spot? On their current pace, they will miss their projection by 25 to 30 wins. Instead of being a playoff contender, they might have the worst record in baseball. Madison Bumgarner has dealt with injury, but the rest of the pitching staff is woeful.

Speaking of, so is the offense. Regardless, 100 losses, if they get there, would constitute a massive failure for this team. Just 60 wins is the pace, representing a potential drop of 27 wins from last season. Not to mention, 102 losses would be the most they’ve ever suffered since moving west from New York.

The best thing to do right now is consult the Major League Baseball playoff picture page.

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