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2017 MLB First Half Awards


2017 MLB First Half Awards: MVP, Cy, Manager, and Rookie

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The 2017 MLB First Half Awards don’t literally exist, except on sports-themed websites such as this.

If they did, however, we’d hand them out today. The All-Star Game is over, and the second half awaits, but several teams have had extraordinary players and circumstances. Chris Sale, Bryce Harper, and Aaron Judge are all names you’ve heard and seen. Were they good enough to claim the fictional first-half awards?

We name an MVP, Cy Young winner, Manager of the Year, and Rookie of the Year in each league.

2017 MLB First Half Awards: American League

American League MVP: Aaron Judge, New York Yankees. 30 dingers, and on pace for 57. Not only that, but he could knock in 124 runs. As for the here and now, he’s hitting .329 with an eye-popping OPS of 1.139. Finally, and this usually counts for something, his team is in playoff position. How do you give it to someone else, rookie or not? The new face of baseball, maybe or maybe not, but he’s damn good.

American League Cy Young: Chris Sale, Boston Red Sox. The 28-year old Floridian has a 2.75 ERA and has helped the first-place Red Sox with an 11-4 record. Further, he’s already struck out 178 batters. If he makes his pace of 324 this season, it would be a top-40 all-time season. Sale has his A-game most of the time, but even when he doesn’t, the Sox bats help him.

American League Manager of the Year: AJ Hinch, Houston Astros. Perhaps there are other deserving managers in the American League. Hinch manages what might be the best team in baseball. People thought Houston would be good, but not this good. He’ll get credit for it.

American League Rookie of the Year: Aaron Judge, New York Yankees. You can’t give a rookie the MVP and not give him Rookie of the Year.

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