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2016 17 college sports season in review

College Sports

2016 17 College Sports Season In Review

A lot happened this year.

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With the crowning of Florida as College World Series champions, the 2016 17 college sports season is officially over.

All that’s left to do now is pick up the pieces from the year in Division I sports. Well, other than move on to the 2017-18 season. College football kickoff is less than two months away, mind you, and we won’t let you forget.

We hear about football and basketball all the time, but between men’s and women’s D-I sports, there are dozens. All of them deserve, and will get, their due mention.

Stay with us as we weave the tapestry and tell a story.

2016 17 College Sports Season In Review: August 2016

August 18 was the day starting it all for Division I sports. In women’s soccer, there was but one game between Sam Houston State and Alabama. Hundreds of women’s soccer teams would play on August 19.

Men’s college sports got underway on August 26, when 92 men’s soccer games took place. Not every school had its students back on campus, but the “futbol” teams were.

College football officially began on August 27 with the Cal-Hawaii game in Sydney, New South Wales. Sadly for Hawaii, they had no chance.

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