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Great Fathers and Sons In Sports

Dads and their sons succeeding in pro sports.

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Great Fathers and Sons In Sports: The Hulls

Bobby Hull and his son, Brett Hull, aren’t just a father-son duo in sports. They’re a Hall of Fame father-son duo in sports. Take your pick, they were both pretty damn good hockey players.

Bobby, the “Golden Jet,” only won one Stanley Cup, but he was indispensable as a left winger for the Chicago Black Hawks. (At the time, Black Hawks was two words, not one.) The elder Hull was the first to exceed 50 goals in a season. He’d go on to score 50 or more goals nine times between Chicago and Winnipeg.

Between his NHL and WHA days, Bobby Hull scored 913 goals.

The “Golden Brett,” who you might figure was Brett Hull, has his number hanging in the rafters in St. Louis. The majority of his NHL career was with the Blues, and in one season, he scored 86 goals, which ranks among the most ever in a single year. He wasn’t known for his defense, but the offense more than made up for it.

The younger Hull got his Stanley Cup in 1999 when he scored the Cup-winning goal for Dallas. That was the famous goal where he crossed into the crease to score it, back in a time when a skater couldn’t do that. The goal, however, was legal because Hull had possession of it before entering the crease.

Great Fathers and Sons In Sports: The Fielders

Cecil Fielder was a hell of a good power hitter, spending much of his Major League career with the Detroit Tigers. Fielder was a three-time All-Star who, over 13 years in the bigs, clubbed 319 homers. In the early 1990s, he had a three-year string where he led the American League in RBI.

His son, Prince, returned from the game last year despite only being 32 at the time. Just like Dad, Prince Fielder also hit 319 home runs. Thing is, the young Fielder also hit for a better average. One of the most sought-after power hitters in the game for a while, Fielder was a six-time All-Star.

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