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Middle Finger In Sports

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The Middle Finger in Sports: A Retrospective

The one-finger salute isn’t so uncommon.

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Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers just entered a growing realm of other athletes. His crime, if one would call it that, was flipping the bird to fans of the Cleveland Indians.

The Dodgers won by a 7-5 score on Tuesday, in which Puig hit a homer and gave Clevelanders the one-finger salute. Come on, guy: Cleveland’s had a bad enough week as it is.

Puig, who technically gave Cleveland the double-bird, was suspended for one game. He can therefore join you all in enjoying a retrospective of the middle finger in professional sports.

The Middle Finger In Sports: Marcus Smart

Earlier in the NBA playoffs, Boston and Chicago met in the East’s first round. After bricking a three-pointer in what was a loss for the C’s, Smart gave the international “up yours” symbol to a fan. There is no word as to whether or not the fan deserved it.

The Celtics went on to win the series, but lost to Cleveland in the later rounds. As for Smart, he dropped 25 grand for that gesture.

The Middle Finger In Sports: Mr. Met

Of all the sports figures you’d expect to flip someone off, Mr. Met? If any mascot, I’d have thought the Philly Phanatic would give someone the salute, given where it’s from, but not him.

While some people may have been shocked by this, remember: it’s Queens. Mayberry it ain’t, folks. Studies show that approximately 400,000 middle fingers per hour are given on the BQE and Long Island Expressway. That’s not even counting the Van Wyck and the Belt Parkway.

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