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2017 Final NBA Playoffs Bracket


2017 Final NBA Playoffs Bracket: Gold Rush

All according to plan.

One last look at the 2017 final NBA Playoffs bracket shows the ending most people expected.

The end result is not a surprise, and frankly, neither is how the NBA got there.

There was no excitement most of the postseason, and even at that, the Finals were okay. Games 3 and 5 were good ones, but there were also three blowouts. Way to go, NBA.

2017 Final NBA Playoffs Bracket

2017 Final NBA Playoffs Bracket

About The 2017 NBA Playoffs

Golden State finished the postseason with a record of 16-1. They join only a handful of teams to win the championship with only one playoff loss.

As most people know by now, the Warriors and Cavs made history by being the first three-in-a-row Finals pairing. We’ll see you back here next season when it’s Golden State and Cleveland again. Sorry, every other team.

The Warriors were an average of 13.5 points ahead of their opposition in the playoffs. This includes a 21-point loss to Cleveland in Game 4 of the Finals.

LeBron James is the first player to average a triple-double during the NBA Finals. His stat line: 33.6 points, 10 assists, 12 rebounds.

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