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NL East Standings Status: The Nats and Everyone Else

Washington’s good, and nobody else is.

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One look at the NL East standings and you see that the Washington Nationals are the team to beat.

Hell, that’s being charitable: they have almost a nine-game lead. Washington is the only team in the National League East worth a damn right now, and while that’s good for them, it doesn’t necessarily mean a lot for their October ambitions.

Of course, getting to the playoffs is step one of the journey. No team in the NL East is better suited to do it. What makes them so much better than the four other contenders? Can the Nats expect to run away with the division?

MLB Playoff Picture: NL East Standings

1 2 3 4 5
WSH-Washington Nationals NYM-New York Mets ATL-Atlanta Braves MIA-Miami Marlins PHI-Philadelphia Phillies
8.5 GB 10 GB 10.5 GB 15.5 GB

NL East Standings Status: 1. Washington Nationals (38-25)

The Washington Nationals are a good team. That they are in first place is no surprise. What is stunning is that they have no competition.

Washington is the only team at or above .500 in the NL East. They wouldn’t even have to be that great to lead the pack right now. The fact that they have such a substantial lead over the field says more about the field than them. If anything is a potential concern for them, it’s that they’re coasting in the division.

Their offense is above average, as is their pitching. Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper, and Daniel Murphy are all hitting the cover off the baseball. Max Scherzer is a Cy Young contender and Gio Gonzalez and Stephen Strasburg have been as good as advertised. Washington’s bullpen could use a lot of work, and that’s of particular concern for an October run.

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