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2017 NFL Coaches Hot Seat, Offseason Edition

The chair – the chair – the chair is on fire.

The charcoal grill and/or barbecue pit are key components of summer in the United States. That same level of heat toasts the asses of several on the 2017 NFL coaches hot seat.

Before you know it, training camp opens and teams are in preseason mode. It could start the last season for several NFL coaches. A few stand out as being in real danger entering this year.

If Rex Ryan hadn’t been fired already, he’d be on top of the list. Who picks up the slack now?

2017 NFL Coaches Hot Seat: Todd Bowles, New York Jets

Todd Bowles is only entering year three, but the Jets fans have had enough already. Sure, a few of them may have expectations that exceed reality, but Gang Green regressed in 2016. Bowles earned a third year at the helm, but another bad season means trouble.

What the Jets really need is stability. Also, to hire the right guy from day one. If they believe Bowles is their long-term coach, then he’s not going anywhere. That will not stop the calls to WFAN, however. Bowles is at low-moderate risk.

2017 NFL Coaches Hot Seat: Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals

Marvin Lewis has coached in Cincinnati for a long time. The Bengals experienced a number of successful regular seasons under him. However, his 0-7 playoff record haunts him. Some Bengals fans are ready to see him go.

It’s not like Lewis hasn’t had his chance. He is at high risk if the Bengals are the Bungles in 2017.

2017 NFL Coaches Hot Seat: Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts

Still not entirely sure why Chuck Pagano is the head coach of the Colts in 2017. If he survives another mediocre season this year, he’ll get into Wayne Fontes Teflon territory. Pagano should have been fired after the 2015 season. The coach absolutely shouldn’t have gotten through the 2016 campaign. Instead, in 2015, the Colts gave him an extension.

Pagano is at moderate-high risk this year.

2017 NFL Coaches Hot Seat: John Fox, Chicago Bears

Fox has a moderate risk of this year being his last in Chicago. This is his third season, so I certainly wouldn’t can him unless the Bears are terrible in 2017. Even at that, he’s not at the top of the hot seat. That would be three bad years in a row under his stewardship.

Chicago, for whatever reason, made the Mitch Trubisky trade. He could work out to be a fine player. Nevertheless, if 2017 is a flop, Chicago could settle on an offensive coach going forward.

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