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10 College Football Teams With The Most To Prove in 2017

Expectations are running high.

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It’s never too early to talk about college football. Today, we isolate 10 college football teams with the most to prove this upcoming season.

Who cares that it’s only June? You bet your sweet bippy they’re thinking about this intently in places like Baton Rouge, Tallahassee, and South Bend. Those fanbases are among the teams that have much to show the world in 2017. If they don’t, someone may get fired, or you’ll just have a lot of disgruntled boosters calling for it.

Which college football teams need to prove themselves nowish?

Teams With Something To Prove in 2017

USC Trojans

USC became the darlings of the sports pundits later in the 2016 season. ESPN and other sports media outfits devoted way, way too much time to discussing whether or not they would make the playoffs. They, a three-loss team, did not, nor should they have.

Funny thing about the offseason is that the loss counter resets to zero. Actually, it’s not funny at all, but anyway. USC is expected to pick up where they left off and smoke the competition this year. College Football Playoff or bust for the Trojans.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The Irish were so bad last year that they, and Brian Kelly, have a great deal to prove. Chances are, they won’t flip a switch and become a contender again in 2017. Yet, the expectation will be that they improve. 6-6 is not going to be an adequate performance. 8 or 9 wins will be the bare minimum acceptable. Whether or not that’s realistic is another story.

Florida State Seminoles

FSU carries big expectations going into the 2017 season. They, not Clemson, are seen as the top dogs in the ACC. They’re not just thinking ACC title, as the College Football Playoff is the goal.

Florida State’s last CFP memory was being embarrassed by Oregon. After a few very good, not great years, the Seminoles want to get back ASAP.

Miami Hurricanes

It sure feels like Miami has something to prove every year, at least for the last decade. They used to get quite a bit of hype, most undeserved, and somehow fail to live up to it. At least in 2016 they won nine games and the Russell Athletic Bowl, but no Coastal Division title. The fans will be looking for Mark Richt to take a step forward, but without Brad Kaaya. Richt is used to coaching with his job perpetually on the line so this will be no different than Athens. If someone buys a plane banner saying “Fire Mark Richt,” he’s cooked.

LSU Tigers

It’s showtime for Coach O in his permanent role as the LSU head coach. They got rid of Les Miles to turn around their fortunes, and under Ed Orgeron, the Tigers responded. Now we see if he can do it full time. Expectations are always high in Baton Rouge, and Coach O is going to get no honeymoon. That was in 2016, and it’s over.

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