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2017 NBA Playoff Bracket as of 5-28-17


NBA Playoff Bracket Update: Groundhog Day

Then put your little hand in mine, there ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb…babe…I got you, babe…

The NBA playoff bracket is a lot like Groundhog Day. No, not the February occasion: the movie.

I don’t see Bill Murray hanging around, but the same two teams that were here each of the last two seasons. Once again, Golden State and Cleveland tee it up in the NBA Finals. The prize, as it has been, is another championship title. Every day, and season, is playing out the same.

Without any shadow of a doubt, these were the two best teams in the NBA. You know, just like last year and the one before it. Cleveland faked everybody out at the end of the season with a losing spell. Thinking anything other than this would happen may have been wishful thinking more than anything else. Perhaps it’s because we wanted a competitive postseason that we thought otherwise.

In any event, it was an incredibly boring playoff season up until now. The question is if the 2017 NBA Finals rises to a level that makes the rest of the season worth it. Not only was everything leading up to this, but the last six-plus months felt like a waste of time. The league has up to seven games to prove it wasn’t.

NBA Playoff Bracket Update, May 28

2017 NBA Playoff Bracket as of 5-28-17

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