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Golden State vs Cleveland


The 2017 NBA Playoffs: Serious or Snoozefest?

Frantic and frenzied it ain’t.

If you’re a fan of the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers, you’re loving the 2017 NBA playoffs. Barely anyone has laid a hand on either team and their third-straight Finals tilt is closer to reality by the day.

Yet, if you’re a fan of any other team, or of competitive basketball in general, maybe you don’t.

Do a Google search of “NBA Playoffs Boring.” When searching in Google News Tuesday night, we came back with 81,500 results. It’s not just you feeling that way.

For example, The Guardian termed the 2017 NBA playoffs as “awful.” Fox Sports made the case that while the inevitable Warriors-Cavs threepeat will be fun, this postseason is boring. Finally, the Philly Voice called the NBA playoffs predictable and, not to be left out, boring.

2017 NBA Playoffs: Not All Is Boring, But…

Let’s face it: how many good series have there been this postseason? Run through it with us.

Chicago vs. Boston looked like an upset in the making through Game 2, but the Celtics stepped on the gas. The decisive Game 6 was a blowout.

Indiana vs. Cleveland had close games all the way through. That’s funny, because it didn’t really feel like Indiana was going to win any of them.

Milwaukee vs. Toronto went back and forth in terms of the series lead, but most of the games were lopsided.

Atlanta vs. Washington was okay, at least on the surface. There were a few blowouts, and by Game 5, the series still meant something.

Washington vs. Boston is a tied series, but aside from the overtime game, they’ve been one-sided efforts.

Toronto vs. Cleveland was a total snooze.

As was Portland vs. Golden State.

Memphis vs. San Antonio was only interesting in that the series was unexpectedly tied through Game 4.

Oklahoma City vs. Houston was one of the most disappointing series of the year. The Thunder washed out after five games in what could have been a fun one.

LA Clippers vs. Utah, well, at least it went seven games. Only the seventh game had a lopsided score.

Golden State vs. Utah, yawn.

Houston vs. San Antonio has been strange. Not necessarily exciting, but strange. All but one of the games have been blowouts going different directions.

That’s not gouge-your-eyes-out bad, but it’s all building to Steph Curry vs. LeBron in the rubber match. What we’re seeing now almost feels inconsequential. Maybe you just enjoy watching the back and forth of the postseason, but if you want entertainment value, come back in June.

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