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2017 NBA Playoff Bracket as of 5-7-17


NBA Playoff Bracket Update: Collision Course Engaged

Golden State and Cleveland are mowing down the competition — again.

Gazing at the NBA playoff bracket as of today, you start to realize one thing, and only one thing.

It’s that what everyone said would happen from Day 1 of the season is probably going to happen.

If the second round is any indication, the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are on another collision course. It would be the third year in a row, and hardly a surprise at all. Both the Warriors and Cavs have yet to lose a playoff game out of seven played by each so far.

San Antonio, Houston, Boston, and Washington could be interesting opponents in their respective conference finals. None of that changes the fact that Golden State and Cleveland are the two best teams in the playoffs to date.

NBA Playoff Bracket: May 7

2017 NBA Playoff Bracket as of 5-7-17

NBA Playoff Bracket: Eastern Conference

Cleveland took a lot of heat from different corners prior to the start of the playoffs. They had not been playing well, and some wondered how long they would be around. All of this was in spite of the fact that the basketball punditry forecasted a Warriors-Cavs rematch all along. LeBron and his Cavaliers answered the bell.

The Cavs made quick work of the Pacers and are now picking apart the Raptors. Toronto, one of the best teams in the East entering the second round, hasn’t a prayer of coming back in this series.

Out East, the only competitive series is Boston-Washington. Some expected a better showing from the Wizards, but give the Celtics credit for looking like the number one seed they are. After taking a punch in the mouth from the Bulls early, Boston rebounded and looks much better. The Celtics are ahead two games to one.

NBA Playoff Bracket: Western Conference

The Golden State-Utah series looks like a Villanova vs. St. John’s 2016 matchup, except Utah is a good team. One can’t hang with the other, and that’s been a theme for the Warriors for several years. It’s not even worth digging any further in, because Golden State isn’t losing this series.

San Antonio vs. Houston is probably the most interesting series on the board. These were arguably the second and third-best teams in the NBA, respectively. Houston did a number on San Antonio early, but the Spurs showed they have guts. This one is still up in the air because as we’ve seen, Houston can drop the hammer on San Antonio at times. The Spurs lead it two games to one.

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