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Would You Pay $495 For The Lonzo Ball Shoes?

Just a drop in the bucket.

America is built on the spirit of entrepreneurship and capitalism. Lonzo Ball and his dad, LaVar, get it.

This must be why they launched a new line of shoes. Why not profit off of a top draft pick’s popularity with your own line of fashion products? There’s just one problem, at least in the eyes of the middle-class majority.

The ZO2 Prime shoe pair costs $495.

That’s four hundred ninety-five United States dollars. It’s also about 450 Euros, 383 British Pounds, and 668 Australian dollars. (Guess the Aussie dollar isn’t doing so well lately.) Whatever the case may be, it’s a lot of money for most people.

Apparently, the Big Baller Brand sells $220 sandals as well. As if most people don’t get their flip flops at Target or Walmart for 12 dollars.

Give Lonzo Ball and LaVar Ball Credit, But…

Unless you’re Imelda Marcos or you have a shoe fetish, the common person is not going to spend that sort of money on sneakers. They had better be made of the rarest hand-stitched leather before one can even justify such a thing. Five bills is a paycheck for plenty of people.

Even at that, two hundred bucks for sandals? Do they come with a five-year, 20,000 mile warranty?

Give the both of them credit because they’re getting publicity. Anyone in public relations or advertising will tell you there’s no such thing as bad publicity, either. LaVar Ball and Lonzo Ball are capitalizing on the latter’s hype and popularity. There’s nothing wrong with that. If their plan was to get pub at all costs, they succeeded.

Just don’t expect anyone to buy the shoes, that’s all.

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