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Great F-Bombs In Sports: A Brief Medley

Visual evidence of memorable F-bombs in sports.

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New Atlanta Falcons draftee Takkarist McKinley was the latest in a line of sports figures dropping F-bombs on hot mics.

His is a proud tradition that spans multiple eras. The good news is that he will not be fined for his emotional outburst at the NFL Draft last week.

With this revelation, we wanted to revisit some of the more memorable F-bombs in recent sports history. Our revue begins with McKinley himself. Please note: this is not safe for work, and if you’re overly sensitive to language, then you should probably go read another article. This ain’t the Disney Channel.

F-Bombs In Sports: Takkarist McKinley

Takk McKinley was clearly emotional in remembering his grandmother. In achieving his dream of making it to the NFL, he let it all go. Hopefully, he will follow Deion Sanders’ advice and channel his passion into success. McKinley seems like an easy guy to root for at the next level.

Lee Corso Drops The Bomb: First Time

Lee Corso has been a bad boy on College Gameday, and that’s why we love him. This one was during a broadcast at USC, and there was seemingly no context. Not that an F-bomb necessarily even needs one.

Lee Corso F-Bombs…Again

This was a headgear-inspired F-bomb. Corso had a megaphone, tossed it asunder, and let ‘er rip on national television again. God bless Coach Corso.

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