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Another Year, Another Flop For Los Angeles Clippers

This Clippers era accomplished a lot, but also not nearly enough.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Los Angeles Clippers had an early exit from the NBA playoffs.

Their 2017 departure came this past weekend when the Utah Jazz won a decisive Game 7. For the third time in six years, the Clippers went one and done. Now come the calls to blow up the roster.

Make no mistake, the Los Angeles Clippers have talent and this is by far the most successful run in franchise history. Six playoff appearances in a row far exceeds anything they’ve previously accomplished. It wasn’t until 2012 that the Clips had won a division title for the first time.

On the other hand, for a team that has been this consistent in the regular season, where is the postseason glory? Since their run began in 2011, the Clippers are 24-33 in playoff games with three series victories, none consecutively. Their success comes to a screeching halt once the playoffs begin, every year like clockwork.

Los Angeles Clippers: Recent History

Los Angeles Clippers playoff exits 4.30.17

This is no doubt causing some agony for Clippers fans. Part of you will say to let it blow up because clearly, this team can’t get anywhere in the playoffs. Another side of you will say that things can get worse. Los Angeles’s “other” team is an historically awful franchise; even including the last six seasons, they’ve still lost 60 percent of all-time games. There have been some long dry spells in there as well.

As a franchise, they have also never gotten out of the second round. They can’t do it with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul; it makes you wonder if they ever will.

Here’s the kicker: free agency is about to his this team hard. It’s now a matter whether or not they can, or should, bring back their star players. As any long-standing Clippers fan will tell you, things can be a lot worse, and with all these faces leaving, it might be worse soon.

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