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2017 NFL Draft Wrap: Cheers and Jeers

The good and the bad from this weekend’s NFL draft.

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The 2017 NFL Draft came to an end yesterday evening in the City of Brotherly Love. Long before we know whether or not we have booms or busts, we can determine if there were any noteworthy happenings. You know, aside from over 200 premier college football players becoming pros.

This draft didn’t have characters or media magnets like Johnny Manziel or Tim Tebow. It also didn’t have superstar talent at quarterback, though the ones that were taken were better than fine in college. When there isn’t a giant offensive playmaker headlining the class, it takes away a bit of the intrigue.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot to pick apart, even though we know not how these players will develop. Or, how they won’t develop, as the case may be. Here are the big thumbs-up and thumbs-down moments of the 2017 NFL Draft.

2017 NFL Draft Wrap: Cheers

The San Francisco 49ers had a good opening draft under John Lynch. Fleecing the Bears in a trade? Check. Getting a great value pick at the end of round one with Reuben Foster? Check. Taking a decent quarterback in the third round? Check. No complaints so far about how Lynch and the new administration are doing in the Bay Area.

You have to admit, for a while, things didn’t look so good. The Niners couldn’t keep a coach for more than a year, had a horrible record, and were dysfunctional at the organization-wide level. This was a good first step.

Houston did what needed to be done to get their franchise quarterback. Deshaun Watson will be a Houston Texan after his new team traded up to get him. In Watson, the Texans have a dynamic playmaker who will help the franchise and its fans move on from recent dismal quarterback play.

Takkarist McKinley kept it real. Maybe you’re a Ned Flanders type who watches television just to identify and complain about lewdness or profanity. If you are, while you need to get a new hobby, you had material on Thursday night. Takkarist McKinley was emotional after being drafted by Atlanta. Clutching a photo of his grandmother, he let it out in saying that he kept his promise to her to make it to the NFL. A few profane words followed, including an F-bomb, but can you blame him? What would you do if you were a first-round draft pick? Good for him.

Pittsburgh did the right thing by James Conner. Conner is an inspirational story of a football player who had to beat cancer before he could get back to the field. When he did, he had another fine year. The Pittsburgh Steelers kept him local by taking him with their third-round pick.

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