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Updating the 2017 NHL Playoff Bracket

The paths to the Stanley Cup are narrowing.

Games are filling in, but the 2017 NHL playoff bracket is nowhere near done. At least it seems to be going quicker than the NBA.

In the Association, they’re still trying to get through the first round. The National Hockey League has made it to the second already, with the series up to their second or third games. It will be a quick May through to the Stanley Cup Finals.

There is still no telling who will hoist the Cup in June. Eight teams are alive, though some are in a better position than others. Edmonton, for example, are ahead 2-0 in their series with the Anaheim Ducks. All the Oilers had to do was win both games in SoCal before heading home. The other series are otherwise tied or too early to tell.

Once you get to the second round of any postseason, the quality of teams is better. It stands to reason that the series will be competitive.

2017 NHL Playoff Bracket Up-To-Date

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2017 NHL Playoff Bracket as of 4-29-17

2017 NHL Playoff Bracket: Possible Next Round

The Rangers against either Pittsburgh or Washington would be a fierce Metro Division slugfest in the Eastern Conference finals. To get there, they’ll have to figure out Ottawa, who lead their series early. Whatever the Sens are doing so far, it’s working. The Rangers and Caps have had some brutal, intense series in recent years, but not as deep in the playoffs as the conference finals.

Edmonton has a commanding lead in their series over the Ducks, and if the current momentum continues, it could be Nashville they face. St. Louis made the Western Conference final last season, but there will be no Sharks to meet them this time.

An Oilers-Preds series might not draw much in terms of ratings, but for hockey fans, it could be exciting if it happens. This McDavid kid is pretty good, and the thought of him marching towards a Cup final will give Gary Bettman his jollies.

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