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Golden State vs Cleveland


Updating The 2017 NBA Playoff Bracket

All chalk in the Association.

There is one game remaining in the first round, meaning we’ve almost got a full second round slate in the 2017 NBA playoff bracket.

It’s been all chalk in the National Basketball Association so far. No series upsets have taken place, and frankly, some of them weren’t competitive. For example, the Golden State-Portland series was almost like a 1-16 or 2-15 game in the NCAA Tournament.

Nobody in their right mind goes into first round series like that expecting an earthquake. Where the magic happens, as in the college basketball 2017 Big Dance, is in the later rounds. The more mediocre playoff teams have been cast off into Basketball Hades, and what remains are much better contenders.

Of course, if you listen to the NBA pundits, since almost Day 1 they’ve called for a third-straight Golden State vs. Cleveland final. Is the rest of the postseason a formality until that point? We’ll soon find out.

2017 NBA Playoff Bracket Up-To-Date

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2017 NBA Playoff Bracket as of 4-29-2017

2017 NBA Playoff Bracket: Second Round Look

With the possible exception of Utah, a five seed, it’ll be the top four seeds in both conferences in the second round. The NBA’s elite eight features Boston and Washington at the top. Boston had a rocky road through the first round, but blew past the Bulls with four straight wins. Meanwhile, Washington endured some competitive games to grind out a 6-game series.

Toronto and Cleveland is a rematch of a recent playoff series, and the Raps hope payback is a (female dog). Cleveland have been sitting on their fannies since sweeping Indiana.

Golden State awaits the winner of the Utah-Clippers series, but even when they draw an opponent, the Warriors will be a heavy favorite. It remains to be seen if they’ll be a heavy favorite all the way through, but probably.

San Antonio and Houston will clash in an I-10 series. These were perhaps the second and third-best teams in the NBA this season, so anything less than a long series would be a surprise.

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