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New Jersey Devils Win 2017 NHL Draft Lottery

The Devils were fifth in the odds but first in the drawing.

Saturday night meant a big lotto win in New Jersey, as the New Jersey Devils took the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery and the draft’s number one pick.

This was a fortunate outcome for the Devils, who had the fifth-best chance of victory at just 8.517 percent. Meanwhile, the hapless Colorado Avalanche got stuffed again, not finishing in the top three. Because of their dreadful record, the Avs will pick fourth overall in the 2017 NHL Entry-Level Draft.

2017 NHL Draft Lottery: Final Results

1. NJD-New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils 8.517% (5th)
2. PHI-Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Flyers 2.204% (13th)
3. DAL-Dallas Stars Dallas Stars 5.812% (8th)

None of the top four teams in the odds cracked the top three. This, of course, means that all their crappy hockey was for nothing.

The brand new Vegas Golden Knights are going to debut at 6th in the NHL Draft in June. Those Golden Knights also have an expansion draft about which to worry, just before the whole league picks its new players. Before long, we’ll be draft-happy here (as if this weekend with the NFL wasn’t enough).

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