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2017 NFL Draft: What Were The Chicago Bears Thinking?

The Bears gave up too much for a guy they’d have drafted, anyway.

The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft took place last night, and the football world is still buzzing about the Chicago Bears.

With the second pick in the draft, the Bears drafted North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. And the shitstorm rained down from Twitter.

Here’s What The Chicago Bears Did

The Bears owned the third pick in the draft entering last night. San Francisco sat at second. Most believed the 49ers were going to pick defensive end Solomon Thomas. Some even suspected they would take safety Jamal Adams. Only a few suggested that Trubisky was a Niners target.

Evidently, the Bears bought the latter. To trade up one spot to secure Trubisky, the Bears traded their #3 pick, as well as their third and fourth round picks this year. We’re not done yet: Chicago also gave up their third-round pick for next year.

Meanwhile, the Bears just recently backed up the Brinks truck to sign Mike Glennon at quarterback.


John Lynch played the Bears like a fiddle. The Bears panicked into trading up one spot for a quarterback, and the Niners took a big haul for it. Trubisky might pan out at quarterback, but it was a very odd decision that makes you think Da Bears don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

The 49ers were not going to draft Trubisky, anyway. Everyone but Chicago knew it. It’s not even that they took Trubisky with their first-round pick: it’s that the Bears needlessly gave up a lot to draft him.

Chicago Bears Draw Fallout

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