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Myles Garrett Is The 2017 NFL Draft Number One Pick

Garrett becomes the first player off the board in 2017.

The waiting and speculation are both over: the Cleveland Browns did what was expected and took Myles Garrett number one.

Your 2017 NFL Draft began with a Texas A&M Aggie. It was the first of two opening-round selections for Cleveland, but a very important one. The Browns took the best player on the board entering tonight, defensive end Garrett.

He was the first Aggie to be taken first overall in NFL history. Garrett was also the third number one pick to come out of the SEC this decade. Texas A&M had just three players drafted last season, but they’re already ahead of the field.

Myles Garrett: What Can We Expect?

Well, he’s going to play for the Browns, so he’s already at a disadvantage. At least he can expect a lot of playing time, but what he needs is coaching. Notable draft busts have come through the town on Lake Erie, and doubtlessly he doesn’t want to be the next.

Praise is usually heaped on the top pick in the draft. He made plenty of great plays during his time at Texas A&M. This past season, Garrett had 15 tackles for a loss and and 8.5 sacks. Beyond the stats, he presented as a dominant force on the football field.

Nevertheless, he has also been the target of criticism. For example, Warren Sapp said that Garrett was unworthy of the number one pick because of his lack of flashy plays. Not everyone will love the pick, but hey, Cleveland gets to do it again in a few minutes.

You never know what you’re going to get in a player until years down the road. Proclaim Myles Garrett neither a bust nor boom.

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