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Streaming Live Sports: Why Millennials Do It

A difficult problem for media companies to solve.

It should come as no surprise to you that millennials are streaming live sports.

A recent article in The Guardian revealed that a majority polled within this group stream or have streamed sports illegally. This presents a threat to the sports media industry, that would much prefer that you pay for your content.

After all, why would someone buy or when you can get it for free? Why go through an ISP or subscribe for a service when some shady website gives you what you want?

Visual sports media sources want dough for the content the produce. It’s natural and the capitalist way of the world. For these people to figure out the problem, they must understand why the younger generation does it.

Streaming Live Sports Illegally: A Solution For Cash-Free Millennials

Here’s something to ponder: Millennials ain’t got no money. Median incomes across this age group are tragic relative to the household average. Couple this with unemployment and being stuck at home, and the net result is a thrifty generation. They’re not signing up for these pay services because they don’t have the disposable income.

This isn’t the fault of the media companies; just a reality. Asking them to pay for their streams would be like drawing blood from a stone. That doesn’t make it right, either.

The Crafty Internet Generation

If they had the money, would they, anyway?

The Millennial generation was practically born with a computer in their hands. 15 year-olds can do things with the internet that their parents, aunts, and uncles could never conceive. Because they know the ins and outs, they also know where to look for what they want.

The thing is, the internet is a big place. Not as big as the universe, but pretty big, and you can’t police it all 24/7. Further, while American sports media companies will smack illegal streams within their borders, they can’t do anything about the ones hosted in Tokelau. Kids these days know this and they know where to look.

Unless some sort of global internet convention drafts a treaty to stamp out such things, it’ll keep happening. I’m not saying it should happen, but that’s what it is going to take. Even at that, it’s hard to outthink the internet generation on internet matters.

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