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Bracket: 21st Century Biggest NFL Draft Busts

The 12 biggest NFL Draft flops since the turn of the century.

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As much a rite of spring as a Sunday at Augusta or the start of the baseball season, this is when the biggest NFL draft busts come back into the light.

When the NFL Draft approaches, we bloggers and/or sportswriters can’t resist revisiting the busts. These were the players drafted high and performing low. In some cases, it wasn’t just a matter of failing to live up to the hype, but falling spectacularly flat.

As is our wont, we found the 12 biggest draft busts since 2000 and organized them into a bracket. A few of these guys are still playing, but that doesn’t mean their fortunes have changed. Who will win the tournament of the biggest NFL draft busts this century?

Biggest NFL Draft Busts, 21st Century To Date: Bracket

21st Century Biggest NFL Draft Busts

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