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2017 NFL Schedule: 5 Best Games

Which games are one to circle on your 2017 Fall calendars?

The 2017 NFL schedule was released yesterday, giving meaning to an otherwise mundane, worthless Thursday night.

Unless you were watching other sports, the NFL schedule was the highlight. It’ll be five months until you see any of these games played, but now, season ticket holders can plan their Fall Sundays. Fans who want to go to games can figure out when they want to head to the stadium. NFL Ticket Exchange and Ticketmaster gear up for another season as well.

Despite the fact that professional football is too fixated on players gyrating in the end zone and sending teams to London, we’re still going to watch. When the season kicks off, we found the five most key games on the schedule.

2017 NFL Schedule, #5: New England at Pittsburgh (Week 15)

Pittsburgh is in it every year, much like Bill Belichick’s team that seems to actually win it every year. Long before we learn if Tom Brady has to find another digit upon which to stick a ring, the Steelers will host the Patriots. This has the potential to be an AFC Championship preview.

2017 NFL Schedule, #4: Oakland at Kansas City (Week 14)

By this point in the season, the Raiders and Chiefs should have established themselves as contenders. This game might be one to decide NFC West supremacy.

2017 NFL Schedule, #3: Green Bay at Atlanta (Week 2)

These teams met twice in 2016. The first time was a good game in the regular season, and the second was a stinker in the NFC Championship. One would imagine Green Bay will put forth a much better performance than in January.

2017 NFL Schedule, #2: Green Bay at Dallas (Week 5)

This playoff rematch featured one of the best games of the year. If we are fortunate, the 2017 edition will be just as entertaining. Any time you can get Aaron Rodgers on the field against a talent like Dak Prescott, it’s going to be fun.

2017 NFL Schedule, #1: Atlanta at New England (Week 7)

Just picture the crowd signs in Foxboro. You’re going to see the number 25 in them a lot, as in, blowing a 25-point lead. It’ll only be an unpleasant trip to New England for the Falcons if they lose again. This Super Bowl LI rematch will be so delicious, it just has to be fattening.

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