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2017 NFL Mock Drafts: Consensus Top Fifteen

Do we have any agreement on who will land in the top 15?

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2017 NFL Mock Drafts: 6 Through 10

6. New York Jets
  • Deshaun Watson (QB, CLEM): 2
  • Mitchell Trubisky (QB, UNC): 1
  • Malik Hooker (S, OSU): 1
  • Jamal Adams (S, LSU): 1
  • Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU): 1

Not everybody buys the Jets going quarterback in the first round. There’s no question they’re in the market for one, but it remains to be seen if they’ll go for a top player or dig down for a later quarterback.

7. Los Angeles Chargers
  • Malik Hooker (S, OSU): 3
  • Jonathan Allen (DE, ALA): 2
  • Jamal Adams (S, LSU): 1

Defensive help is on top for the erstwhile San Diego Chargers in the first round. Is the secondary a more pressing need for the Bolts, and will they address it first?

8. Carolina Panthers
  • Christian McCaffrey (RB, STAN): 5
  • Jonathan Allen (DE, ALA): 1

Our first McCaffrey sightings, and it’s almost a sweep for the Panthers. It may be time for Christian to scout out homes in the Charlotte area. Chances are, Leonard Fournette will not still be on the board at eight.

9. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Reuben Foster (LB, ALA): 2
  • Derek Barnett (DE, TENN): 2
  • Jonathan Allen (DE, ALA): 1
  • Mike Williams (WR, CLEM): 1

It’s not all a defensive outlook for the Bengals, but mostly. They need defensive line help, but interestingly, we have a vote for a wide receiver. It may be a case of taking the best player available, but they’ll have to judge if they need defense more.

10. Buffalo Bills
  • OJ Howard (TE, ALA): 3
  • Mike Williams (WR, CLEM): 2
  • Cam Robinson (OT, ALA): 1

The Bills need to beef up the offense in moving on from the Rex Ryan era. The top vote-getter was OJ Howard, but either way, it may be an offensive player from January’s national championship game.

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