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2017 NFL Mock Drafts: Consensus Top Fifteen

Do we have any agreement on who will land in the top 15?

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In about nine days, all of the 2017 NFL mock drafts won’t matter anymore. It’s going to be quite real for the teams involved.

Out here in the blogosphere, which lies somewhere between the exosphere and troposphere, we think we’ve got the right idea on who’s getting drafted where. Or, more accurately, we think that for the sake of traffic. The only thing that can make our potentially bad predictions seem less bad is to aggregate them with others. Perhaps then we won’t be alone in our thinking.

We pulled together some of the prominent 2017 NFL mock drafts to gauge the consensus on who’s going where. For the sake of simplicity, we keep it to the top fifteen for now.

2017 NFL Mock Drafts: Data Sources

2017 NFL Mock Drafts: 1 Through 5

1. Cleveland Browns
  • Myles Garrett (DE, TAMU): 5
  • Mitchell Trubisky (QB, UNC): 1

Garrett, believed by many to be the best player on the board, is not a unanimous choice. He had been across many mock draft sites, but now Mitchell Trubisky gets a vote. He’s gaining momentum as a top five pick and as the best quarterback in the draft. Cleveland gets two early picks, but they likely won’t be able to wait until 12 to get both Garrett and Trubisky.

2. San Francisco 49ers
  • Solomon Thomas (DE, STAN): 4
  • Myles Garrett (DE, TAMU): 1
  • Jamal Adams (S, LSU): 1

Sports newsies seem to be better that John Lynch and company will take a local college product early. The 49ers need help in plenty of areas. Meanwhile, Myles Garrett is nearly a lock for a top-two pick.

3. Chicago Bears
  • Marshon Lattimore (CB, OSU): 2
  • Jamal Adams (S, LSU): 2
  • Malik Hooker (S, OSU): 1
  • Solomon Thomas (DE, STAN): 1

There’s a lot of division over this selection, but not over the Bears going defense. They’ll either take care of the secondary or defensive line with the number three pick.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU): 5
  • Jonathan Allen (DE, ALA): 1

It’s a near-sweep for Fournette. Is Tom Coughlin’s first draft back with Jacksonville going to be predictable early?

5. Tennessee Titans
  • OJ Howard (TE, ALA): 1
  • Solomon Thomas (DE, STAN): 1
  • Marshon Lattimore (CB, OSU): 1 — pick traded to Rams
  • Jamal Adams (S, LSU): 1 — pick traded to Rams
  • Marlon Humphrey (CB, ALA): 1
  • Mitchell Trubisky (QB, UNC): 1 — pick traded to Browns

Aside from the fact that nobody agreed on this pick, half of the mocks had Tennessee trading it. With the Titans owning two first-rounders, they could get bought off.

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