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Golden State vs Cleveland


2017 NBA Playoff Picks: Filling The Bracket

Who will win the 2017 NBA Finals?

Tip off is forthcoming, as are the 2017 NBA playoff picks. We gave you a bracket, and now it’s time to fill it out.

We’ll give you one guess which team we have going all the way. It should be obvious considering this is the team that rode the wave almost all year. The team some thought was in trouble after losing their first game. Finally, the team that didn’t win 73 games like last season, but scratched out a mere 67. By the way, 67-15 was Golden State’s record when they won the title in 2015.

Alright, so we picked Golden State. You can still take the time to see how we arrived at this.

2017 NBA Playoff Picks: Bracket

2017 NBA Playoff Picks

2017 NBA Playoff Picks: The Bottom Lines

Celtics over Bulls in 7. Boston is the better team, but weak for a one seed. Chicago can give them trouble.

Wizards over Hawks in 6. Atlanta isn’t a better team than Washington, at least not for much of the year.

Raptors over Bucks in 5. Milwaukee will need more than just the Greek Freak to advance.

Cavaliers over Pacers in 6. It might not always be pretty for the Cavs, but there’s distance between these teams in terms of what they bring to the table.

Warriors over Trail Blazers in 4. Portland might win a game but they’re not even in the same solar system as Golden State.

Clippers over Jazz in 6. Hayward will have a fine series, but the Clippers have too much offense.

Thunder over Rockets in 7. Every first round needs an upset, right? Except this doesn’t really feel like one as Russell Westbrook keeps going off.

Spurs over Grizzlies in 5. The Spurs get it done in some low-scoring games given their depth of playoff experience.

Wizards over Celtics in 7. Maybe I should buy into the Celtics, but right now, no.

Raptors over Cavaliers in 7. Cleveland’s lackluster recent basketball catches up to them against a better opponent. Note: this could be ignorant considering LeBron James has been in the Finals basically every year.

Warriors over Clippers in 6. Golden State’s march continues; the Clips aren’t better.

Spurs over Thunder in 6. There should be fireworks in this series, but the better team comes out swinging harder.

Raptors over Wizards in 6. The Raps have a higher ceiling than the Wizards; specifically, the Finals.

Warriors over Spurs in 6. As good as the West is, this is perhaps the only team that can give Golden State a series.

Warriors over Raptors in 5. Toronto will have had a nice run, but they don’t stand much of a chance against Golden State.

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