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2017 NFL Mock Draft Top Ten, Volume 1

Who are the likeliest players to be the first ten to go?

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The National Football League begins its spring tradition of drafting new players in only a few weeks. Can the 2017 NFL mock draft be far behind?

No, because it’s right here.

Given the class of players ready to roll in late April, there will be teams that come out of this quite pleased. Of course, if you’re a fan of the Cleveland Browns, perhaps there should be healthy criticism. Even if the team draft the quote-unquote right guy, will his talent go untapped and/or wasted?

It’s too soon to know that about whomever Cleveland takes, or anyone else for that matter. This is no time to declare draft busts before the draft even happens. That will happen later, believe me.

Who are our picks as of this moment to go in the top ten of the 2017 NFL Draft? For the purposes of our first volume, we will assume that none of the top ten picks will get traded.

2017 NFL Mock Draft Top Ten: 1-5

1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett (DE, TAMU)

Cleveland should take Myles Garrett as the guy on top of the draft board. Now, this would make sense to most teams, but they’re the Cleveland Browns. At least they’re not the trans-generationally incompetent Jets (but they’re not far off, either).

2. San Francisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas (DE, STAN)

San Francisco has a chance to get a local kid (Stanford, anyway) who has a chance to be a star. They need to make a big splash at the draft to help repair the damage of a horrific offseason.

3. Chicago Bears: Jonathan Allen (DE, ALA)

Jonathan Allen had a hell of a career at Alabama, and so the run of defensive players at the top of the draft continues. Chicago is historically a defensive titan, and Allen won’t hurt. Given their struggles last year, it would be hard for them to be much worse with him.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)

The adults are back in charge in Jacksonville, and the Tom Coughlin turnaround is underway. Fournette is good enough to be a “face of the franchise” type player. Whatever they’ve been doing on offense isn’t working, and Fournette can change that.

5. Tennessee Titans: Marshon Lattimore (CB, OSU)

The Titans pass defense gave up a ton of yards in 2016. It makes sense that they would want to beef up in the secondary. Lattimore is a talented competitor who can help.

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