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2017 NBA Playoff Bracket & Printable Bracket

Get your printable bracket as the 2017 NBA playoffs begin.

The 2017 NBA Playoff bracket is ready for launch after the conclusion of the regular season yesterday.

We knew most of our field of sixteen prior to Wednesday’s events. As of Thursday, Boston and Golden State are the top dogs in their respective conferences.

In the East, Boston went back and forth with Cleveland for the number one seed. The Celtics prevailed, but is Cleveland still the team to beat? That’s what the conventional wisdom might still say, despite the Cavs not playing well in recent times.

As for the Western Conference, top heavy as it is, Golden State remains the favorite once again. If things play out as they should, the Warriors will make their third-straight NBA Finals. 12 wins stand in the way, however.

2017 NBA Playoff Bracket: Printable

2017 NBA Playoffs Printable Bracket

2017 NBA Playoffs Printable Bracket

Who will win the whole thing? Time will tell, but sixteen teams will eventually become one. And yes, it could be Cleveland and Golden State teeing it up yet again. If that doesn’t happen, it’s just the beauty of sports and the mystery of the bracket.

2017 NBA Playoff Bracket: Visual

2017 NBA Playoffs Bracket

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