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2017 NHL Playoff Picks: Who’s Our Stanley Cup Champ?

We filled out our Stanley Cup bracket and crowned a winner.

Aside from making brackets, we also fill out brackets. The NHL did us a big favor going to the bracket system, making possible today’s 2017 NHL playoff picks.

From sixteen to one, the National Hockey League will determine its champion over the next two months. Some say the postseason is long, and it is, but playoff hockey is about as good as it gets. For fifteen of these teams, they’ll wish it was even better.

You can get your printable bracket at this link, but see who we think will win the Stanley Cup this season. Because we don’t just throw these things up on the internet without showing our work, we also give a line or two of justification for our picks of each series.

2017 NHL Playoff Picks: The Bracket

2017 NHL playoff picks

2017 NHL Playoff Picks: Justification

Penguins over Blue Jackets in 6: Columbus not playing well lately; Pittsburgh the more experienced team.

Capitals over Maple Leafs in 5: I don’t trust Washington in the playoffs,but I trust Toronto even less.

Senators over Bruins in 7: This isn’t a great matchup for the Bruins, but they’ll give it a hard fight. Ottawa is probably still the better team.

Canadiens over Rangers in 6: The Blueshirts are not having a good stretch and have had trouble with the Habs.

Blues over Wild in 7: Bruce Boudreau in the playoffs — gotta see it to believe it.

Blackhawks over Predators in 5: Not a big believer in the Preds against Chicago’s depth and experience.

Oilers over Sharks in 5: San Jose is sinking and the Oilers can ride the McDavid wave.

Ducks over Flames in 6: Calgary’s literal inability to win in Anaheim is a major problem.

Penguins over Capitals in 7: The Caps tend to find ways to disappoint.

Canadiens over Senators in 7: Low degree of confidence in this pick.

Blackhawks over Blues in 5: Watch out if this team gets rolling.

Oilers over Ducks in 7: The Ducks’ defensive injuries catch up with them against the Fightin’ McDavids.

Penguins over Canadiens in 6: Montreal is not as good as a team as Pittsburgh.

Blackhawks over Oilers in 6: The surprise run to the conference finals ends for Edmonton against a team that’s been here before.

Blackhawks over Penguins in 7: Flip a coin; this could go either way, but we’re picking against a back-to-back champion.

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