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2017 National Championship: Fun With Prop Bets

With any major sporting event in the United States comes the need to gamble.

The Bracket Yard is in no position to be able to endorse it, but the betting lines and odds are fun to observe and measure. If you’re interested in seeing what the real prop bets are for the North Carolina vs. Gonzaga championship, I’m sure they’re out there.

Those prop bets you might see include subjects like the first player to score, the first team to 40, and how many points a player will have. For this last game of the college basketball season, let’s give you some real prop bets.

The Bracket Yard’s 2017 National Championship Prop Bets

Over/under number of times Bill Raftery says “kiss,” in any context: 6.5

Over/under CBS plugs for The Masters between tip-off and the trophy presentation: 4.5

Over/under tweets about people getting misty eyed during “One Shining Moment”: 200,000

Over/under camera pans to Michael Jordan, if he’s there: 20.5

That the game will end in a cheesy Nantzism: Yes -300; no +250

Over/under number of times CBS will play or mention the Villanova buzzer beater from last season: 11.5

That there will be at least four erectile dysfunction commercials during the game: Yes -140; no +150

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