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2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket Breakdown

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[lead align=”default”]You’ve seen the field of 68 teams, and now, we cut open the 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket, pull out its guts, and see what it had for lunch.[/lead]

By way of opening remarks, yesterday was not a controversial Selection Sunday, at least when considering who made it. Aside from perhaps one or two teams, the selection committee did not botch the at-larges.

If you read The Bracket Yard last night — and you should read it every day as part of a well-balanced sports blogging intake — we found media personalities who believe the seedings were all wrong. This team is too high, this team is too low, so on and so forth. At the end of the day, the vast majority of it was correct.

We can sit here all day and argue, for example, that Syracuse should have made the tournament. (By the way, we are not arguing that, and bounced Syracuse from our S-curve after losing to Miami.) When your RPI is in the 80s and you’re sporting a few bad losses, as well as just two wins off of your home court, you have no room to complain. Go win some games in the NIT and then we’ll see.

Likewise, we could argue that Vanderbilt has too many losses to be in the field. They also played an exceptionally difficult schedule, which happened to be the toughest in the nation. The horrible loss to Missouri should have done them in, but it didn’t, so let’s move on because they were a borderline case, anyway.

As for the 68 fortunate teams to experience March Madness this year, we explore each region with a discerning eye. Prepare for piquant, thought-provoking analysis.

Before we proceed, check out the First Four bracket, which we’ll only glance upon here.

2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket: First Four

2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket First Four

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