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College Basketball: Who’s A Likely One Seed?

[lead align=”default”]With about a month left until Selection Sunday, the race for a one seed in the 2017 NCAA Tournament is on.[/lead]

This past weekend, six top ten teams lost. For Baylor, this was their second loss of the week. If you want to be a one seed, it doesn’t matter who you lose to: one loss hurts, and two is deadly.

While it’s clear the Bears are not currently going to be on the top line, others have the inside track.

One Seed Top Contenders

Gonzaga Bulldogs. The Zags are as close to a guarantee for a top seed as there is. Unless Saint Mary’s beats them in WCC Tournament, they are not going to lose prior to the NCAAs. Perhaps you don’t buy them as a national championship threat, and that’s fair, but they’re getting a one seed.

Villanova Wildcats. Nova was the top team in the nation and slid back a little, but the wave of top ten turmoil didn’t hit them. If they’re anything below a two it would be shocking, but right now, expect them to grab a one.

Kansas Jayhawks. The Jayhawks did lose to Iowa State, but they also beat Baylor. Someone’s got to get a one seed, so why not Kansas given their body of work?

North Carolina Tar Heels. UNC is hanging out on the borderline of a one or two seed and they’ve been there for a while. Win the ACC and they’re probably a one, assuming nothing else goes awry in between.

Other Candidates

Baylor Bears. As lousy a week as Baylor had, they still have a good shot at moving back onto the one line. Another loss or two, however, and it’s not happening.

Louisville Cardinals. Sure, why not? Again, there are going to be four one seeds, and someone has to get them despite all the losing. Louisville had a good week. Their RPI is three and they’ve played the most difficult schedule in the country so far. Louisville would have been up there if they beat Virginia yesterday.

Oregon Ducks. After what they did to Arizona, it can definitely happen.

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