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The New England Patriots Are Super Bowl LI Champions

If you predicted the Atlanta Falcons being the Super Bowl LI Champions, good for you. Also, you shut the game off too soon.

In one of the most epic Super Bowls of all-time, the New England Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons. It was the first Super Bowl to go to overtime. And if you missed it, what the hell is the matter with you?

In the event you expected a rout, you’re lying you lying liar. It looked for a while like it was going to be one, but it turned out to be a hell of a game.

We were getting ready to talk about how this was Atlanta’s second championship as a city and what a signature moment it was for the Falcons franchise. Now, Super Bowl LI will be remembered as quite possibly its most painful moment ever.

Super Bowl LI Champions Final Bracket

Super Bown LI champions NE Patriots bracket

This was a close game at first. In fact, in what was expected to be a slugfest, this game was 0-0 after the first quarter. Did Atlanta ever wake up in the second, scoring three unanswered touchdowns before New England got a measly field goal. The third Atlanta touchdown came on a Tom Brady pick six.

Down 21-3, the Pats eventually scored a touchdown late in the third quarter, but Atlanta did first. The Falcons led 28-3 at one point in the game.

At that stage, Atlanta was by far the better team on the field. The Falcons were more prepared, faster, and more determined. New England looked slow, off-target, and frustrated. It wasn’t until later on that the Pats looked physical.

When Tom Brady and the Pats turned on the jets, that was it. The lead whittled down slowly but surely, and in the fourth quarter, needing 16 points to tie, the Pats drove down the field twice, scored two touchdowns and two two-point conversions. Atlanta, who were making Brady’s life miserable in the first half, couldn’t stop your grandmother in the second. They were completely gassed, and when it got to overtime, it ended the way regulation did.

Atlanta had numerous opportunities to put the game away. The most critical came late, up eight, and deep in New England territory. A sack and a holding call pushed Atlanta out of field goal range, and that more likely that not cost them the Super Bowl.

Congratulations to Super Bowl LI champions New England. Whether you love them or hate them, you have to give it up for the Patriots tonight. They absolutely earned this one.

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