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Super Bowl LI Pick: Falcons or Patriots?

[lead align=”default”]After well over 200 NFL games in the 2016 season, we have finally arrived at the Super Bowl LI pick.[/lead]

All the twists and turns of the National Football League this year have culminated in this game between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. We make the case for both squads before our last pick of the season.

Super Bowl LI Pick: The Case for the Pats

In the case of the Patriots, it’s hardly unexpected that they’re here. Once they (for the most part) cruised through Tom Brady’s suspension, you just knew it. Brady’s pissed-off return made for a lot of winning in Foxboro.

An extremely experienced team, this ain’t their first rodeo, either. Some NFL players wait their entire careers to get to a Super Bowl only to see those dreams slip away. That’s just hoping to make it to one Super Bowl; Brady and Bill Belichick are in their seventh together. It’s almost old hat to them at this point.

Consider also that these two have beaten every Super Bowl opponent not featuring Eli Manning, and the Patriots are a logical choice.

Super Bowl LI Pick: The Case for the Falcons

It’s not like the Atlanta Falcons aren’t a deserving team. With their offense, they have the tools to not only contend in the Super Bowl, but win it.

Matt Ryan is having the season of which Falcons fans have dreamed. Being the MVP of the league and all that jazz is nice, but if you’ve seen Julio Jones play, you’ve seen something special. Assuming he is at 100 percent for the game — and he is working through a toe issue — Atlanta will be able to score. The question is if they can keep up with New England.

Entering the playoffs having had the number one offense in the NFL, the answer is yes.

Consider also that in the previous six Super Bowls of the Brady-Belichick Era, all were close games. Now, that doesn’t mean a ton in February 2017, but it’s an interesting historical talking point. If you’re looking for some other justification to take the points, that could be it.

Super Bowl LI Pick

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[alert heading=”New England (-3) vs. Atlanta” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Atlanta +3[/alert]

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