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51 for LI: Hall of Fame Fight In Super Bowl XIX

[lead align=”default”]The Super Bowl LI countdown is at just 19 days. Super Bowl XIX was famous for the Hall of Fame quarterbacks in it.[/lead]

In fact, Hall of Face coaches patrolled the sidelines as well. On one side, Bill Walsh and his San Francisco 49ers. Facing opposite them were Don Shula and the Miami Dolphins. Their quarterbacks: Joe Montana and Dan Marino.

Don Shula and the Dolphins won two Super Bowls and appeared in three more. Meanwhile, the 49ers are champions of five Super Bowls while having lost another. During the 1984 season, the Dolphins neared the end of their glory days, while the 49ers just began theirs.

Super Bowl XIX: 1984 Miami Dolphins

Miami had a very good year in 1984. They went 14-2, winning the AFC East going away and claiming the AFC’s one seed. It wasn’t until a loss to the Chargers in November that they suffered their first loss.

Dan Marino’s 1984 was stellar. He broke records that year which would stand until the days of Peyton Manning. Among them, 48 touchdown passes and 5,084 yards. The Dolphins were an offensive juggernaut, and they rode it all the way to the Super Bowl. Miami beat Seattle and Pittsburgh in the playoffs to reach Super Bowl XIX.

Super Bowl XIX: 1984 San Francisco 49ers

As good as Miami was at 14-2, San Francisco was better at 15-1. The NFC West champions had ten Pro Bowlers and several Hall of Famers. Their lone loss the entire season was to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Candlestick. Had Miami not beaten Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship, there would have been a rematch.

In the playoffs, the Niners and Montana beat the Giants and Bears in well-played defensive games.

Super Bowl XIX: The Game

Most of the activity in this big game between big-time quarterbacks came in the first half. The Dolphins opened the scoring in a back-and-forth first quarter on a Uwe von Schamann field goal. Joe Montana threw the first touchdown pass thereafter to Carl Monroe. By the end of the quarter, Marino threw his first, and it was to Dan Johnson to give the Dolphins a 10-7 lead.

All the Dolphins had to do was hold on three more quarters and hold Joe Montana at bay. Good luck with that. The Niners took the lead on Montana’s second touchdown at 14-10, and this blew up into a 28-10 lead. Two more Miami field goals made it a 12-point game at the half.

The game got significantly less interesting during the third quarter, with the Niners opening a 22-point lead. Miami did not score in the second half, and San Francisco won, 38-16.

Super Bowl XIX: Highlights

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