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51 for LI: Shuffling to a Super Bowl XX Win

[lead align=”default”]With just 20 days remaining until Super Bowl LI, this conjures up memories of Super Bowl XX.[/lead]

Da Chicago Bears, as Bill Swerski would say, are a proud, old-time franchise. The home of Ditka, Butkus, and Urlacher was always famous for its defense. In Super Bowl XX, they gained a little more notoriety than that.

Oh yeah, the defense is basically why they won, but come on, the Super Bowl Shuffle happened.

Super Bowl XX: How They Got There

The 1985 New England Patriots sought their first-ever trip to the Super Bowl. Long before the days of Tom Brady, who was a child at the time, there was Steve Grogan. He broke his leg in late November that year, but the Patriots went 11-5 and grabbed the number five seed in the AFC (Grogan eventually returned, however).

The Pats had to go on a magical run to make it to Super Bowl XX, and they did. They beat the Jets, Raiders, and Dolphins, all on the road, to win their first AFC championship. New England was the first team to make the Super Bowl via three road playoff wins. Since their AFL days, they hadn’t won any conference or league championship, but this changed in 1985.

New England had a fine defense in 1985, but it wasn’t the Chicago Bears, that’s for sure. As if number one in the league in points allowed wasn’t enough for Chicago, they were second in the league in scoring. Without question, Mike Ditka’s Bears were the best team in football that season. With names like Walter Payton, Mike Singletary, and “Refrigerator” Perry, it’s no wonder.

The 1985 Bears went 15-1 in the regular season, losing only to the Miami Dolphins when they were 12-0. They wouldn’t lose again, beating the Giants and Rams to reach the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XX: The Game

New England was a 10-point underdog in this game, and the Pats’ wild card magic only went so far. Buddy Ryan’s ferocious Bears defense made Grogan’s life miserable, holding him to a passer rating of 57.2.

Chicago controlled the ball for over 39 minutes in this contest, and a big reason why was New England kept failing to convert on third downs. The Bears defense had their way with the Pats in a 46-10 rout. This game was never competitive, and in the aftermath, the 1985 Bears are considered to this day as one of the best teams of all-time. For certain, the defense was second to none.

Super Bowl XX: The Super Bowl Shuffle

We couldn’t possibly let this article go without the Super Bowl Shuffle. The Chicago Bears created and produced their own very, very 80s song about the Super Bowl.

Delight in this number that drips with cheese:

Super Bowl XX: Highlights

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