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The San Diego Chargers Move to Los Angeles Is A Cluster

[lead align=”default”]The more we learn about the San Diego Chargers transition into the Los Angeles Raiders, the worse the situation looks.[/lead]

On Thursday, Dean Spanos and the Chargers pulled the plug on 56 years in San Diego. The team is now known as the “Los Angeles Chargers,” whose working logo is mix between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Erstwhile San Diego Chargers Chasing Phantom Dough

In a capitalist system, if you own something, especially something as potentially lucrative as a professional sports franchise, you want to make money however possible. That in itself is defensible, but this in particular is a stupid, ill-conceived, me-too, knee-jerk reaction.

Los Angeles has a long and illustrious track record of ignoring NFL franchises. They’ve already lost the Rams and the Raiders. The Rams are back in town, and the jury is out on how they’ll do. Not exactly the Greatest Show on Turf anymore, that’s for sure. Now, the San Diego Chargers, sharing no love with the voters of their former city, moved up the coast to a town that already has a team they’re not going to embrace.

To understand why 56 and 59 percent of San Diego voters, respectively, gave the Chargers the finger, look no further than their wallets. The ballot initiatives that would have helped fund stadium development asked for over a billion dollar tax hike. Naturally, as a result, the Chargers front office was aggrieved at their lack of public cash and started packing. The Chargers, NFL, and head dope Roger Goodell will say they did all they could to save the situation, while San Diego’s leaders will say the Chargers were being impossible.

So, in addition to pissing off a few generations of loyal fans who are burning their jerseys, you moved to a city that won’t give two number twos that you’re there. Brilliant.

The Chargers’ Small Digs

Not only that, but get this: the Chargers will play in a 30,000-seat soccer stadium for the next several years. For reference, the capacity at Qualcomm Stadium: 70,561. The Chargers will spend the next couple years in a stadium with less than half the capacity of the old one, in by far the NFL’s smallest stadium. As if that isn’t embarrassing enough, just imagine if they don’t sell out.

Most divorces aren’t amicable. To demonstrate this wasn’t, either, the San Diego voters essentially told the Chargers “take your shit and get out.” The San Diego Chargers then said “fine, we didn’t want to live here, anyway,” and they traded in their four-bedroom home for a 400 square foot studio apartment. Eventually, the Chargers will move into a newer, bigger place, but with their second cousins, and the kids won’t come to visit anymore.

In time, the Chargers will say they didn’t know what they saw in San Diego, even if the Los Angeles fans are no-shows. Back in San Diego, the ex will say that they weren’t that satisfied if you know what I mean (a big ol’ zippo in the Super Bowl win column).

Usually, you prescribe some time apart for both parties in this situation. Unfortunately for both San Diego and the Chargers, they may realize that what they had wasn’t so bad. Given how many people are first-guessing this decision, it makes sense.

This move stinks of high desperation and a total lack of foresight.

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