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51 for LI: Super Bowl XXIV, Forgettable Fourth for (San) Francisco

[lead align=”default”]Just 24 days remain until Super Bowl LI, and sadly, we now turn our attention to one of the worst ever: Super Bowl XXIV.[/lead]

Hell, not one of the worst: this was the worst. We’re going to keep this to 300 words or less because this game doesn’t deserve the time of day. The San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos met in this game, which was basically over in the first quarter. Niners fans loved it, and others may have enjoyed it for not distracting them from their Super Bowl parties. When you’ve got a party going on, who needs a silly game to steal people’s attention?

Super Bowl XXIV: The Game

San Francisco, the team of the 1980s, closed out the 1989 season with a huge win. It began with a Jerry Rice touchdown catch from Joe Montana, and after a Denver field goal, the Niners ran off 34 unanswered. This was a 27-3 game at the half, and 41-10 through three. Your final score: San Francisco 55, Denver 10.

The 49ers were 12-point favorites, so not horribly unexpected, but still not good.

Joe Montana tossed five touchdown passes in his last Super Bowl, which is five more than John Elway tossed for Denver. Elway would have a few more championship games in which to participate (and win). For Montana, this was another stellar achievement in an elite career. It was also San Francisco’s fourth Super Bowl title.

Super Bowl XXIV: Lopsided Highlights

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