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Odell Beckham Needs to Cool It

[lead align=”default”]The New York Giants didn’t have a lot of fun in Sunday night’s playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers, least of all Odell Beckham, Jr.[/lead]

The Giants wide receiver is a great talent, but had a bad first playoff game. All season, the offense has suffered, but did so again on Wild Card Weekend. Beckham was a main cause, dropping several passes, including an early touchdown that could have changed the tenor of the game.

Instead, he dropped the ball, figuratively and literally, and is taking the beating you knew he would in the New York press.

Odell Beckham: I’m On A Boat

The media can’t help itself going after Odell Beckham and his Giants buddies for partying on a boat this past week. It may not have been a distraction for the team at gametime, and face it, this is probably not the reason the Giants wide receivers dropped passes, but what matters is everybody now thinks it is. The boat incident will now be noted as that which “distracted” the Giants and contributed to their loss, even if it didn’t. This chapter is written.

Perhaps Beckham has learned that such things will cause a media frenzy. Such a change won’t be immediate, but one hopes he learned something.

Odell Beckham: And Then He Went Nuts

After the game, the Giants wide receiver allegedly banged his head against a door, and then put his fist through a wall. As the story goes, when prompted by a member of the Green Bay grounds crew to calm down, he subsequently advised them to “fuck off.”

Everyone handles coping in different ways. Some people do it better than others. Odell Beckham clearly isn’t one of the people that handles it with grace and aplomb. Hating to lose is something that can be a force for good. It can also make you mope and get acquainted with drywall.

Anyone who doubts Odell Beckham has talent is wrong. He’s got plenty of it, but that’s not the issue. When he loses, he’s “not having fun anymore” and he gives the media sustenance. At such time as he wins, he makes sweet, tender love to the practice kick net. He needs to be less about antics and more about football.

Emotions run high in football, and more understandably after a playoff game. However, maturity doesn’t come naturally to everyone. When Odell vents, the media notices, and he’s under a microscope. If he can’t get his emotions under control, New York might not be the place for him.

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