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Bowl Picks: 2017 National Championship Game

[lead align=”default”]The big day is almost here, so finally, after 41 bowl games, we get to pick the 2017 National Championship Game in the College Football Playoff.[/lead]

It’s all been leading up to this one moment, and it’s the exact same moment we had last season. ACC champion Clemson meets SEC champion Alabama in a battle of gridiron fortitude. The winner is the national champion, while the loser gets a participation ribbon. (An NCAA-unsanctioned, unofficial participation ribbon, that is.)

For the Clemson Tigers, getting here was difficult. They had more than a few games in which they struggled, and even lost a game to Pittsburgh. It was through that that they found their inner toughness and snatched another ACC title. As for Alabama, it was pretty easy the whole way through. Sure, LSU held them down, but very few other teams did. The competition was regularly and thoroughly crushed.

2017 National Championship Game: Team Backgrounds

Alabama Crimson Tide
Southeastern Conference champions
Semifinal: Defeated Washington in Peach Bowl, 24-7

Clemson Tigers
Atlantic Coast Conference champions
Semifinal: Defeated Ohio State in Fiesta Bowl, 31-0

2017 National Championship Game: The Edge

It’s not like a couple of bad teams got to this game. These were the two best teams in the nation and the semifinal results showed it. They were last year as well. Even though Alabama was the number two team in that game, the Crimson Tide were still the top dog. If you come at the king, you best not miss, and Clemson missed.

What seems to motivate Clemson now is revenge. They lost to Alabama last year, and had a perfect season ruined. The Tigers suffered through parts of the 2016 season and had their doubters. Clemson intends to make them all notice.

Oh, but Alabama is at the present time the uncontested number one team in the nation. You think they’re going to roll (tide) over and play dead? I don’t think so, spanky. Clemson, with how they play and how they’re coached, is perhaps the only team in the nation that could have given Alabama a game here. Ohio State could have been a consideration, had they not been flattened by the Tigers.

Payback may well be a bitch.

2017 National Championship Game: Pick

[header text=”Season Thru 1-2-17 Bowls ATS” subtext=”56-60-2″]

[alert heading=”Clemson vs. Alabama (-6.5)” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Clemson +6.5[/alert]

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