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The 5 Worst NFL Teams In 2016, And Why They Sucked

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[lead align=”default”]With the regular season now over, 12 teams were fortunate enough to make the playoffs. And then, there are the 5 worst NFL teams, which disgraced the league and themselves.[/lead]

Okay, fine, maybe that’s a little strong. Nevertheless, these five teams were really bad and all have a lot of work to do now and in the future. Of course, a few of them have been trying to fix things for years. Maybe someday they will, but clearly not during the 2016 season.

5 Worst NFL Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars, #5

2016 Record: 3-13
Home and Away: 2-6 and 1-7
Point Differential: -82

Why They Sucked: The Jags went on a nine-game losing streak in the middle of the season, and big reason why was their inability to score. During that streak, they averaged under 18 points per game. Blake Bortles was 199-for-355 with 13 touchdowns and nine interceptions, which isn’t terrible. The run game was: about 112 yards per game on the ground over that span. Overall, they were the 22nd rushing offense in the NFL this season.

Bortles isn’t completely off the hook, however: the Jags were 26th in team passer rating this season at a dreadful 79.5.

Reasons For Hope?: The Jacksonville defense was actually not bad in 2016, and the team in general was in a bunch of games. It was those one-score losses that killed them, because Jacksonville had eight. If they can figure out a way to generate a little more offense, it won’t take them long to get back near .500.

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