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51 for LI: Dilfer Does It In Super Bowl XXXV

[lead align=”default”]Now that we’re in 2017, Super Bowl LI doesn’t feel so far away now, and it’s just 35 days away. This brings us to yet another of the less memorable big games, Super Bowl XXXV.[/lead]

The Baltimore Ravens took on the New York Giants in this contest, which was noteworthy in a lopsided kind of way. It was also kind of a bitter time for fans of the Cleveland Browns. The Ravens franchise moved from Cleveland to Baltimore a few years earlier, and then they make a Super Bowl. Cleveland’s reconstituted Browns team, formed a year prior to Super Bowl XXXV, hasn’t gotten anywhere near it.

Super Bowl XXXV: The New York Giants

Head coach Jim Fassel of the Giants was at a turning point in his career late in the 2000 season. With his team at 7-4 and hovering on the NFL playoff bubble, he did this:

He was right. The Giants won out in the regular season for a 12-4 record and an NFC East title. Thanks to key players like running back Tiki Barber, DE Michael Strahan, and DB Jason Sehorn, among others, the Giants reached the Super Bowl. En route, the Giants wiped out the Minnesota Vikings, 41-0, in the NFC Championship game.

Super Bowl XXXV: The Baltimore Ravens

Trent Dilfer quarterbacked the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, but he’s not the reason they got to (and won) the Super Bowl. LB Ray Lewis, the eventual MVP, headlined this group, which also included Tony Siragusa, Rod Woodson, and Chris McAlister.

Baltimore, a 12-4 team but still a wild card (Tennessee won their division at 13-3), won seven in a row entering the playoffs. Then, in a run of low-scoring games, the Ravens beat Denver, Tennessee, and Oakland to get to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XXXV: The Game

Not much to say here. Baltimore climbed out to a 17-0 lead in the third quarter, in a game where it seemed like the Giants couldn’t move the football. The lone bright spot for them was Ron Dixon taking a kickoff return to the house late in the third.

On the ensuing kickoff, however, Jermaine Lewis did the same thing for the Ravens, and that was pretty much the ball game. Unless you’re a Ravens fan, this one was boring.

Super Bowl XXXV: High(?)lights

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